Michele Harris-Dixon

Michele Harris-Dixon is the heart of Relay For Life of Southern Nevada. She is the team captain of Sisters of the Heart and one of the most dedicated members of Relay besides her Mom, Mary. She is a survivor of Cancer.  We joke that she and her Mom are Relay Bullies as they are not afraid of asking for sponsorships to help to Kick the crap out of cancer.  After retiring from UPS, I moved from Team UPS to Sisters of the Heart due to her inspiration.

Posted on 01/19/24 at 03:46 PM
In Memory of

Kathy Little

Kathy is the most beautiful soul I have ever been around.  I was fortunate to meet her when one of my partner supervisors was testing at the Jeff Speakman Kenpo 5.0 World Training Center here in Las Vegas.  On several occasions, she invited me to take some photos and videos of their Annual Summer Camp Black Belt test they held at South Point. She was the top female black Belt in the Kenpo 5.0 style. 

I also ran into her at the Tuff-n-off Marital Arts events where she was judging. Every time I met her I would get a big smile and tight hug. She always treated me as though I was her close friend even though I only met her occasionally.

She lost her battle with Cancer and will be deeply missed by a lot of people

Posted on 11/30/23 at 02:50 PM
In Memory of

Betty Nelson

Betty was a long-time friend here in Las Vegas.  I was introduced to her and her husband, Art, when I first moved here. My dad was stationed with Art on one of his naval Ships.  After Art passed away, we continued our friendship through our love of Football and my support for her husband's Ship Reunion website, USSalgolaka54.org, which still runs in their memory.

She did not win her battle with Cancer.

Posted on 11/30/23 at 02:22 PM
In Memory of

Art Nelson

Art was my dad's friend from the Navy that I was introduced to here in Las Vegas. I managed his Ship Reunion Web site, which is still running in his honor. My favorite memory of him is he would receive a call from someone while I was visiting and he would tell them He could not talk now as his computer guy was here working on his website or computer. I loved hearing all his Navy stories.

He survived cancer but has passed away due to natural causes

Posted on 11/30/23 at 02:15 PM
In Honor of

Shelly Miller

Someone I affectionately call my Relay Wife, who has a lot of passion for helping the American Cancer Society and plays a mean game of pickleball.  

When I joined the Las Vegas ELT several years ago, she helped me understand what we have to accomplish. I was fortunate to be a co-lead with her during the 2021 campaign.

She is a survivor of Cancer for 20+ years

Posted on 11/30/23 at 02:10 PM
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