Sunday, April 09, 2006

Site Updates

Ok, quite a few updates have happened with the site today.  I have added a bunch of pictures and Forums.  I am starting to get the feel for this new CMS system and love what I can do with it.  I have two new reviews for shows here in town being developed. My daughter who is in her 2nd year of College went and saw Avenue Q and Le Rêve during the last couple of weeks.

I appreciate anyone stopping by and checking out the site. Hopefully it is helping someone.  :roll:

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Friday, April 07, 2006


I finally figured out how to get the pictures to display on the main page.  😊  More pictures will be coming this weekend. I know this section of the page is a little rough and I will work out the details as I learn CSS and the new CMS System.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Picture Gallery

The Picture gallery should be up in a few days. I have to learn some HTML and this new CMS system. I have big plans for this site once I figure out what I am doing with the new CMS.  😉

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Downstrokes

I went down to the bar “Emergency Room” and checked out a local band called “The Downstrokes”. Let me tell you the name is deceiving as they are anything other then downstroking when they are o¬n stage. They know how to get the crowd partying and having a good time. This is o¬ne band I have seen locally that I know are having fun while they are o¬n stage. If you want to see a band playing some great rock and roll and throwing a great party then you have to check them out.. Their URL below is to their MySpace page.

Downstrokes Myspace Page


This month’s site is The Revere at Anthem. I have had the opportunity to work here on numerous weddings receptions and I am always impressed by the way the staff takes care of their customers. The outstanding banquet staff is led by Dana who always seems to be genuinely concerned on how things are going and I have worked with her at various other Golf clubs and she has always runs a tight ship.

The reception room has some very breath taking views of Las Vegas especially when the sun goes down. The golf course is beautiful. I can definitely see my self double booging o¬n this course just to stay out there a little longer.

If you are want a great experience for a decent price then check out the The Revere in Anthem.

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